WebCreator Online mogelijkheden

Het maken van professioneel uitziende websites met WebCreator Online is simpel –het gezegde in het Engels luidt dan ook: If you can browse, you can build.

U hoeft geen HTML code te kennen, u hoeft geen grafische cursus te volgen of hier kennis van te hebben. Men hoeft zelfs niet eens kennis te hebben hoe websites te maken!

Het gehele website bouwen wordt gedaan met simpel te gebruiken Wizards, deze zorgen ervoor dat de diverse gedeelten van uw website simpel gemaakt kunnen worden.
Een paar van deze Wizards zijn onder andere: Homepage Wizard, Form Wizard, Flash Wizard, etc.

De gebruiker hoeft slechts te kiezen uit een van de te gebruiken Wizards afgestemd op hetgeen u wilt gaan maken, deze Wizard zorgt voor de begeleiding door het bouwproces van uw professionele website, slechts simpele taken worden gevraagd om uit voeren Stap voor Stap.

De lijst van mogelijkheden en voordelen door het gebruik te maken van WebCreator Online staan hieronder omschreven.(nog in het Engels, binnenkort ook in het Nederlands)

Features Usage Benefit
Site Wizard Customizable wizard designed for novice and advanced users helps them quick start their website building process Virtually no learning curve. Highly intuitive and user efficient. Any user can now create an entire 5 – 10 page website complete with Flash intro, Homepage, Shopping Cart, etc. in under 1 hour.

WebCreator Online offers a full-function,
completely browser-based WYSIWYG HTML Editor that allows users to create rich HTML content.

No prior knowledge or experience in HTML is required.
Home Page Wizard
The Home Page Wizard helps users choose from a wide range of attractive readymade design templates for the home page, which can be completely customized.
Saves the end user a lot of time and effort in making design decisions about their home pages.
Flash Intro Wizard
This wizard allows users to select from a wide range of flash movies and customize the color, image, sound, text and the overall message of the Flash animation, etc.
Enables the user to create a completely customized Flash intro for the website by reducing the process to a few quick and easy steps.
Professionally Designed Templates
WebCreator Online ’s Design Gallery offers over 800+ design templates covering hundreds of professional quality designs, images and colors to choose from.
Ensures that the final designed website is absolutely unique with a look and feel that is reminiscent of a professional quality design.
Shop Wizard
Shop Wizard helps users quickly add shopping pages to their website. The shopping pages created with Shop Wizard are 100% HTML. Seamlessly integrate with any credit card payment processing solution.
Involves just 3 simple steps.
Helps you display and sell a range of products online. The generated website can be hosted in any remote web server.
Form Wizard
Users can now create any form containing any input field enabling them to create forms for Feedback, Registration, etc., with elements like text box/area, pull down menus, radio buttons, etc
Helps users create customized forms for their website.
Next generation Blog module with extremely easy to use interface including a one-click Post-to-Blog option, a robust browser-based DHTML Editor, an advanced member management system, over 5000 Blog design templates, powerful Blog moderator options and an efficient Blog archiving system.
BlogZone allows users to team up and contribute to any Blog jointly or individually, thereby fostering an active community of Bloggers online.
Banner Incorporation
With WebCreator Online banner incorporation tools, users can now embed banners. These may include third party banners also.
Provides a powerful marketing and communication tool to users.
WebCreator Online 's Footer feature enables end users to provide highly specific content such as service information, branding or contact information etc, as part of every page of their website.
Allows for greater customization and communication of brand and marketing information.
Image / Logo Incorporation

All the design templates have images embedded within them. WebCreator Online empowers users who may want to replace these images with their own choices of images or even logos.

Enables users to personalize the designs with their own images or logos thereby ensuring that their website is absolutely one of a kind and allows them to extend their brand identity on to the newly designed website.
Search Engine Optimization
This feature enables users to quickly add meta tag information like keywords, title, description, etc. to their website.
These meta tag information would help search engines to index the users website better.
Upgrade Subscription Packages
End users can signup for any package initially and can later upgrade to other available package options instantly.
Enables users to upgrade to a pack with more features as and when they require them.
Online Image Editor
Allows users to perform operations such as Flip, Flop, Crop, Rotate, apply Frames & Borders, change Brightness & Contrast, Resize, Annotate (text on image) and Change Image Format, etc.
Fully browser based image editor enables users to perform photo retouching & editing operations on the images.
Links Manager
Users can add & delete links, which in turn will add a new page or delete an existing page. User can change the link names.
It is also possible to rearrange the order of appearance of the site links.
Links Manager provides complete control over the site links and their order of page appearance.
Aids Participatory Design
WebCreator Online empowers users to actively participate in the process of building their websites quickly and easily.
Users derive enormous satisfaction in having designed their own websites all by themselves.
Security Implementation
WebCreator Online is designed to handle most subscriber irregularities, system abuse and security breaches through administrable security implementation. WebCreator Online also has a built-in mechanism that blocks end-users from unethically downloading their newly designed websites using the browser.
This ensures that your customers do not misuse your service by creating a great website with this innovative product only to download it using their browser to host it with some other ISP.
Test Drive
WebCreator Online provides a unique Test Drive functionality that helps users to test, build and experience key elements of WebCreator Online's unique site building process.
Users can experience the complete features and functionalities of the application even before signing up for the service.
Design Categories
The 800+ design templates available in WebCreator Online are classified into convenient Categories for ease of choice and access. Some of the Categories include: Automobile Related, Health & Lifestyle, Education etc.
WebCreator Online helps you provide highly customized web design services to your customers spread across verticals, through custom made design templates specifically created for these target categories.
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